About Goya Surf Boards

Go full on surfing with off the Richter Goya Boards that'll keep you T-amped as you get a kick out of anglin the waves! Each Goya board has been designed to provide the needed speed and power for different types of riders. With psychedelic designs that are totally eye-catching and various shapes and sizes to suit your needs, Goya boards are the most popular surfing boards in the world . You could even have it custom made and give a whole new definition to what "cool" means!

Goya Boards are notorious for strongly constructed boards that are incredibly lightweight. This has definitely established its name for years, and they intend to keep it that way.

No one can create the finest boards with all the advanced techniques better than a World Champion windsurfer himself, Francisco Goya.

From styro/sandwich windsurf boards, Goya has been experimenting on several designs, shapes, patterns and colors since 1992. He and his crew have been able to provide a selection of well-sanded decks and bottoms plus polished rails making the entire collection of surfing boards a must-have.